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Disruptive innovations in the delivery of primary care, changing consumer and employer demands, along with marketplace and economic pressures and the specter of health reform, all have converged to elevate the role of Retail Clinics and Employer On-Site Clinics as we prepare to enter the second decade of the new millennium.

Retail clinics and convenient care emerged during this decade in response to growing opportunity and demands for price transpar-ency, affordable care, quality and convenience.

As with the emergence and development of any significant disruptive innovation, challenges surface that must be addressed. The rapid growth of retail clinics has inevitably led to a shakeout in industry players and sponsors, and in viable clinic markets and locations. Regulatory issues remain in numerous states. Coverage, access, relationships with community providers, changing scopes of services, the recession, and national reform initiatives all present concerns that must be faced.

At the same time, hospitals, pharmacies, employers and other sponsors have indentified convenient care clinics in retail and employer based settings as delivery vehicles that present significant strategic and business opportunities for their organizations going forward.

The National Retail Clinic Summit has been designed to best and comprehensively prepare all interested stakeholders for the road ahead during the next decade, in the delivery of retail convenient care in these settings.

Who Should Attend:
    Interested attendees would include:
    • C-Suite Executives
    • Medical Directors
    • Legal and Regulatory Executives and Staff
    • Planning and Strategic Executives and Staff
    • Clinical Executives and Staff
    • Physicians
    • Physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse case managers and other allied health professionals
    • Ambulatory Services Executives and Staff
    • Business Development Executives and Staff
    • Sales and Marketing Executives and Staff
    • Network Management Executives and Staff
    • Provider Relations Managers and Staff
    • Provider Contract Administrators
    • Health Benefit Managers
    • Solutions Provider Staff
    • Business and Market Intelligence Staff
    • Other Interested Parties

    Attendees would represent organizations including:
    • Hospitals
    • Convenient Care Clinics
    • Pharmacies
    • Medical Groups
    • Provider Organizations
    • Health Plans
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Employers and Employer Coalitions
    • Care and Disease Management Organizations
    • PBMs
    • Government Agencies
    • Media
    • Consultants, Vendors and Solutions Providers

Attendees of the National Retail Clinic Summit will
  • Gain a sense of the current Retail Clinic Industry marketplace, trends, strategies, and operating and development challenges and issues
  • Review the legal, regulatory compliance and legislative environment and issues impacting retail clinic operations, including with respect to hospital affiliations and employer on-site clinics
  • Share in the lessons learned from case experiences of retail clinic operations involving hospital sponsored, pharmacy sponsored and independent business models.
  • Examine the range of issues involved for operating hospital sponsored or employer based clinics
  • Receive a current update on the status and implications of national health care reform, health information technology initiatives and comparative effectiveness
  • Explore the relationship of retail clinics and disease management
  • Consider the disruptive innovations and changing roles in primary care delivery, including the relationships between medical homes and retail clinics.
  • Analyze research findings from major studies involving retail clinic delivery of care
  • Understand trends in the scope of services provided by retail clinics
  • Find out about accreditation issues applicable to retail clinics

Overview | Agenda/Faculty Materials | At-A-Glance | Promotional Opportunities
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